Mother killed in New York car accident

However careful you may be behind the wheel, it’s impossible to predict every eventuality and you could still become involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, this is a reality that all too many New York drivers are confronted with and to which a 45-year-old mother recently lost her life. The victim, a dialysis technician at… read more

Cancer patient has wrong kidney removed

Going for surgery can be a daunting experience, whether it is for a minor operation or a life-saving one. For patients in New York, having an experienced doctor for the procedure might ease your mind. Unfortunately, even the best surgeons are capable of making a surgical error, and when this happens it is the patient… read more

Mother files wrongful death suit against New York City

It is alarming to think about how much we rely on the diligence and responsibility of other people in our day-to-day lives. Your personal safety and that of your loved ones depends heavily on the people around you. A distracted driver, an inattentive caregiver, a negligent doctor or any number of other individuals could cause… read more

New York Giants owner pledges millions for brain injury research

Many people recognize that a head injury can have serious after effects, but one thing that is not so well-known is that symptoms of lasting damage are not always immediately apparent. Some victims of head trauma may not even see a doctor, thinking it was a harmless knock. It is impossible to predict how many… read more