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May 2014 Archives

Federal investigation launched over defective tires

It is a worrying thought that every day in New York we put our lives in the hands of countless manufacturers, having faith that their products will be safe and reliable. Most of the time this is no problem as these products are tested and maintained to high standard. However, when a manufacturer fails to meet its safety obligations and releases a defective product, it is the consumer who pays the price.

Couple to receive almost $8 million in medical malpractice suit

When medical professionals make mistakes, it is almost always their patients who suffer the shortcomings of their negligence. In a profession where people's lives and well-being are so much at stake, attention to detail is vital and mistakes can be costly. Incidences of medical malpractice are all too common in New York. Patients should be prepared to hold their doctors accountable for their errors, in order to prevent anyone else coming to harm.

Father of murdered woman wins $10 million in wrongful death suit

Everyone makes mistakes, but when someone’s negligence results in harm coming to another person, it is a serious matter. There are many people in New York who will lose someone they know to a fatal accident or as the result of negligence at some point in their lives. All they can do then is look to the future and perhaps attempt to seek justice for the person they have lost.

Brother-in-law of British prince dies in Manhattan brain injury

The brain is a delicate thing and it only takes a seemingly small knock to cause a great deal of damage. It is an unfortunate fact that head injuries are a common occurrence and their after-effects can be devastating. In a recent and tragic accident in Manhattan, a fall resulted in a fatal head injury for the brother-in-law of the British Prince of Wales.


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