Wrongful death suit after floor finish causes fire in New York

Accidents happen, and it doesn’t take much to cause them. Fatigue, distractions or even lack of awareness can all be factors. Unfortunately, the repercussions of negligence can often be severe. Property can be damaged, and people may be injured or even die. One such fatal accident has been under investigation in New York. While working… read more

New York student’s brain-injury death treated as homicide

No matter how careful you are in day-to-day life, accidents happen. Sometimes these will be minor trips, slips or falls that you can laugh off with no serious repercussions. Others, however, can result in serious injury. One of the most life-threatening injuries a person can suffer is head trauma. Such was the case in New… read more

Merck agrees to $100 million NuvaRing settlement

It is the responsibility of drug manufacturing companies to thoroughly determine the risks and side effects of drugs that they put out on the market. Providing insufficient warning or failing to pull defective drugs from the market can result in product liability lawsuits against the company. As for the consumers, they might suffer from serious… read more

Scaffold Collapse in the Bronx

Heavy snow and ice caused a scaffold to collapse on top of three cars in Olinville. It happened at the Parkside Houses on Adee Avenue on Wednesday. Residents say the scaffold has been up for five years to protect people from loose bricks that fall from the building. 

Most Dangerous Roads in the Bronx for Pedestrians

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign has released a report naming the most dangerous roads in the Bronx for pedestrians.  According to the report, East Gun Hill Road, The Grand Concourse, Fordham Road, and White Plains Road are the most dangerous for pedestrians.  Some residents complain that there isn’t enough time to cross the street at some… read more

Girl who suffered brain damage at birth gets millions from jury

A young girl was awarded $32.8 million by a jury because she was born at a hospital and suffered from brain damage due to two nurses who were found to be negligent when they were caring for the girl’s pregnant mother. It took nine hours for the jury to deliberate on the case of a… read more

Woman Struck and killed by City Bus in Queens

A woman was hit and killed by a New York City bus on Monday night in Jackson Heights Queens.  The Q53 bus was turning South on Broadway near 74th Street when the accident happened.  The bus driver was not charged. The front window of the bus was cracked due to the impact.  Witnesses say the… read more