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January 2014 Archives

Pomfret crash shows dangers of driving too fast for conditions

Driving is always a dangerous business. Even the most diligent and careful drivers cannot control what other drivers surrounding them may do. And what they do could result in a car accident and serious injury. These dangers are only exacerbated by harsh weather conditions, which is why the cold weather affecting the country is making driving even more hazardous than usual. These weather conditions are especially harsh in the northern parts of the country like New York, where snow and ice are usually problematic and those drivers unfamiliar with the weather may put others at an increased risk.

Traumatic brain injury's long-lasting effects

Everyone knows that brain injuries are severe. But not everybody knows the full extent of the severity. Oftentimes the injured victim appears to be recovering, or appears not to be as injured as they actually are. A new study found the effects of traumatic brain injury may never fully heal. The study suggests that brain injury victims have a higher risk of dying prematurely, particularly through another brain injury or suicide.

Officer accused of killing accident victim in wrongful death suit

In New York, we expect that police officers will protect us from harm and help us when we are in an emergency. Most of the time, that is exactly what happens, but sometimes those charged with protecting us fail to do so.

Teenager's death followed several surgeries, cause unknown

As many New Yorkers know, surgery is a solution to many common ailments you. Most of the time those more routine surgeries are successful. But when doctors don’t do their jobs correctly, it can result in worsened conditions or even end in tragedy.

Supreme Court makes big ruling in asbestos case

Cases involving product liability can be confusing. Boiled down into simple language, these cases involve a person claiming that a product was defective in some way, and as a result of this defect they were caused some type of injury. These cases can result in substantial awards to an injured party, including people in New York, if they can prove their case.


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