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August 2013 Archives

Young girl sustains serious injuries in escalator accident

Many Manhattan residents may love to go to shopping malls. They can be great places to unwind and enjoy a day out. However, even a seemingly safe trip to the mall can result in an accident. A slip-and-fall accident is one of the most common occurrences inside a mall, causing serious injuries among shoppers. Mall owners and management personnel can be held liable if it is proven that they have failed to address imminent dangers that result in an accident that causes injuries, such as a wet floor or numerous other hazards.

Car accident killed one child, driver charged

Vehicular accidents can happen in an instant. The most common form of traffic accidents are vehicle-to-vehicle, but bicycles and pedestrians could also be involved in accidents with a motor vehicle. Drivers, passengers and even bystanders may sustain injuries as a result. Pedestrians and bicyclists that are hit by cars often suffer severe injuries, leading to temporary or permanent disability and death.

Fatal accident: bus driver faces charges due to cell phone use

Death is inevitable; it is the end of all living things on earth. However, when the cause of death is something preventable, families are often left devastated and searching for answers. Family members may experience financial difficulties, loss of parental guidance and pain and suffering. The road to closure is not easy, but a wrongful death lawsuit may help.

Defective product being recalled after injuring 61 people

In New York, consumers assume that the products they purchase have passed stringent quality checks. Because of this, Manhattan residents are convinced that the products they buy, especially baby products, are safe and user-friendly. However, this perception can sometimes be a critical mistake for consumers, and they may unknowingly purchase defective products that are harmful to them and their family.


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