Mother of deceased man files wrongful death suit in NY

Dealing with a loved one’s death may be one of the most emotional times in a person’s life. The loss of a family member is always difficult, but it may be especially difficult when the loss of life was a result of another person’s misconduct. Recently, the mother of a deceased man has filed a… read more

Family reaches settlement in wrongful death case

In New York and elsewhere, death is a natural part of the human experience. However, when death is unexpectedly caused as a result of someone’s intentional act or neglect, death may create an even greater tragedy for family and friends. For some, seeking justice may provide closure after a fatal accident. Recently, a family has… read more

Slip and falls in places of worship

New Yorkers have all heard about injuries resulting from people slipping on ice. For many of people, the fear of falling on ice causes them to be more cautious when they walk on the sidewalks in the winter. Less commonly, people may hear about slip and falls that occur in places of worship. Recently, there… read more

Recall: Egg shaker toy may be a dangerous product

In New York and elsewhere, parents are eager to give the children fun and exciting new toys, either to play with or to stimulate the growing mind. For many small children, the best toys are brightly-colored and emit intriguing sounds. Unfortunately, not all toys meant for children are safe, and parents should be aware of… read more