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September 2012 Archives

H&M children's water bottle recalled

All parents want to give their children the latest and greatest. Unfortunately, sometimes the most coveted gadgets are unsafe. One example of this is a new water bottle by H&M. This defective product, designed for children, has recently been recalled.

New York mom, 3 children, injured in car accident

Every day, many of us witness car accidents that are a result of inattentive drivers. Unfortunately, some of these accidents result in serious injuries and even death. Those injured and their loved ones face expensive medical bills, rehabilitation expenses and other costs. Sometimes, the proceeds of a successful personal injury claim can assist in easing some of the difficulties of those injured in a car accident by another driver's negligence.

NY family files wrongful death lawsuit for son's death in Hawaii

The loss of a family member is always difficult, especially when the death has occurred as a result of another's negligence. In some cases, loved ones of the deceased may be made whole by pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit. Recently, a family in New York has been faced with the challenge of grieving the loss of their son while pursuing a lawsuit.

Man pleads not guilty in baby brain injury case

Brain injuries resulting from an accident or another's negligence occur on a daily basis. Often, the person suffering from the injury and his or her loved ones are faced with unexpected hardships, which may include planning for lifelong assistance. In New York and elsewhere, the injured and their families may seek financial compensation for costs resulting from the injury, such as medical costs and loss of income. Parents of a 1-month-old daughter may consider this option after police said that their friend caused a brain injury to their child.

Preventing Nursing Home and Home Health Aide Abuse and Neglect

Caring for elder loved ones as they age is as essential to us as it was to them when they cared for us. While bedsores, fall from beds, dehydration or malnourishment are often the most common problems associated with nursing homes and home health aide agencies, a shocking new study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society reveals that many home health aide agencies recruit random strangers off the website, Craigslist, and place them in the homes of vulnerable elderly people. These agencies fail to perform national criminal background checks or drug testing, lie about testing the qualifications of caregivers, require no experience and provide no real training. This disturbing new trend is leaving our elder loved ones exposed to criminals, drug addicts, and people not qualified to be caregivers. This can often times result in nursing home abuse and neglect.


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