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May 2012 Archives

Falling tree limbs in New York lead to lawsuits

Lounging in the park, playing ball with a pet or jogging on park trails are all enjoyable and seemingly harmless activities. Each situation normally takes place in the presence of trees, which, by and large, should not be objects to fear. However, some individuals in New York City may feel differently.

Hope for the terminally paralyzed

Paralyzed patients who been unable speak or move for 15 years can now direct robotic limbs to move on their own by using their minds to control the movements. This potentially life-altering technological breakthrough called BrainGate was pioneered by Brown neuroscientist John Donoghue to improve the quality of life for those paralyzed as a result of a stroke or a catastrophic injury.

New York woman dials 911; call for help ignored

Emergencies occur on a daily basis in New York. Luckily, dispatchers are available around the clock to keep an emergency from becoming a fatal accident. But what happens when an individual dials 911 and is ignored? A family from Queens is currently suffering through the anguish that goes with trying to get an answer to just that question.

Soccer headers may cause traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries have permanent detrimental effects on memory, attention and the processing of visual information. Attention parents: It has recently been discovered these injuries can be caused by playing soccer. A recent study found that repeated heading of soccer balls, the act of driving the ball off a player's head, can affect the brain the same way as suffering a serious concussion. This news has concerned parents on the alert.

New York roadways scrutinized in wake of fatal accident

When individuals travel along stretches of roadway provided by the city or state, they likely feel secure in terms of the safety of the roadways and their structures. Sadly, this belief is not always well-founded. A recent accident has turned the spotlight on what some consider unsafe roadways in New York.

Police chase leads to death of an unarmed man in New York

When an individual imagines a police officer, safety and protection usually come to mind. This image, however, quickly evaporates when officers are the direct cause of a loved one's death. Following such an event, a wrongful death suit may be pursued.


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