Man charged with murder for car accident that killed Bronx woman

A 26-year-old New York man was recently indicted on a number of charges for a 2010 crash that claimed the life of a Bronx woman. The car accident happened on Nov. 6, 2010. Police say the 26-year-old man was driving north on Route 22 when he collided with a southbound vehicle. A 57-year-old woman was… read more

New details in fatal New York City elevator accident

The tragic elevator accident that killed a New York City woman was written about in last week’s post. Questions remained as to how the accident happened, but now new details may provide a clearer reason for the elevator’s malfunction. The fatal accident happened on Dec. 14 around 10 a.m. as a 41-year-old advertising executive was… read more

Woman killed in New York City elevator accident

Few would expect elevators to be a workplace hazard, but that was the case for one New York advertising executive who was killed on Dec. 14 in the elevator of her Madison Avenue office building. The fatal accident happened around 10 a.m. According to officials, the elevator began to ascend as the 41-year-old woman was… read more

Two injured in early morning accident in Manhattan

Two New York City drivers suffered injuries when they collided on a Manhattan street in late November. There have been no reports as to which of the drivers caused the car accident. Though no claims have been made to date, one or both drivers may have a legal basis for a personal injury claim under… read more