In the world of securities investments, "churning" refers to excessive movement of money between investment options, often to generate activity fees or commissions for the licensed broker or investment adviser. Churning may also be a telltale sign of covering up losses or fraudulent practices that the adviser does not wish the client to discover.

For the investor, churning usually results in very little investment opportunity for gain and often results in significant brokerage fees and financial losses from selling options at a loss and buying into other options at an inflated price.

If you have suffered significant investment loss or costs associated with churning of your accounts by your licensed financial adviser or broker in New York City, talk to a member of our securities litigation team at Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C., on Wall Street in Manhattan. We handle securities cases involving:

  • Churning, or excessive movement of investments between account options
  • Unsuitability of investments, improper imbalance of investment options
  • Breach of fiduciary duty, failure to oversee growth opportunities for investments and trusts
  • Investment fraud, theft of investment capital

SEC Arbitration

To avoid costly lawsuits, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) offers an arbitration process for investors seeking redress for negligence and misconduct by their brokers. We know the process and can help you determine whether an arbitration hearing is your best option for recovery.

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