Holding Drug Companies Accountable For Harm Caused By Xarelto

When someone is at risk of a stroke because of an irregular heartbeat, there are a couple of medication options.

One is Xarelto, marketed by Bayer. It's a drug that is supposed to prevent blood clot-related strokes by thinning the blood. But Xarelto is also associated with raising the risk of internal bleeding so severe that it can be fatal.

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The Choice Between Rivaroxaban And Warfarin

You probably trusted your doctor when agreeing to use Xarelto (also known as rivaroxaban). But your doctor may not have known the risks because both the maker and the manufacturer of Xarelto failed to disclose them. That failure is galling.

It is especially galling given that there is an older drug that may be an effective alternative to Xarelto, one that doesn't carry such risks of internal bleeding. That drug is warfarin.

There is a lot of controversy concerning assertions made by Bayer about Xarelto's effectiveness. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is looking into the validity of various test results on Xarelto.

Xarelto is Bayer's top-selling drug, and the temptation to try to skew the research findings is undeniable. Xarelto has earned more than 3 billion euros in the past two years for Bayer, a German company.

Signs And Symptoms Of Trouble

Severe internal bleeding isn't the only potential risk associated with Xarelto. It can also cause deficient hemoglobin levels, swelling, general weakness, confusion and other problems.

Obviously, you will want to get these checked out by a competent doctor. If your trust in your doctor is not what it once was, that is understandable. But it isn't necessarily your doctor's fault that the makers of Xarelto didn't provide sufficient warnings of the possibility of serious harm.

People Are More Important Than Profits

Making money — even big money — doesn't justify a drug company's failure to disclose undue health risks that may have badly harmed your family. Give us a call today to discuss your situation with an attorney in a no-cost consultation. Call 212-514-5007 or 800-724-7971 or complete our online form.